Print Cartridges Are the Worker Bees of your printer



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Print Cartridges Are the Worker Bees of your printer

Printing sharp-edged monochrome type is faced with the same difficulty as printing four-color photo images. The necessity of getting the right amount of printer ink on the paper in the right place. If the printer puts too much ink on the page, it will have leaky edges and off colors. A printer that does not provide enough ink on the page will get faded letters and pastels. The time it takes to get the ink on the page is another thing to be dealt with, as are drying time and the viscosity of the ink. It is a delicate process, and the invention that solved it was printer ink cartridges.

When the dot-matrix printers came on the scene, a daisy wheel was struck by pistons that printed corresponding dots on the printed page by stamping ink off a ribbon. Letters and numbers were made up of many tiny dots, printed in patterns, and only in black. Images were pretty much an unknown output and print time was limited to the limits of the transfer mechanics of the printer. Ink jet printers have been around since the sixties but it was the Siemens invention of the drop on demand technology that opened up ink jet capabilities.

Instead of a continuous flow of ink that was guided onto or away from the paper, the drop on demand pushed a mi-nute quantity of ink onto the paper by the action of a peizo-electric crystal flexing in response to a current (Hewlett Packard developed bubble jet technology independently). Now the problem of getting the right amount of ink out was solved. The solution of the problem of where to put it followed soon after.

The challenge was to apply the mi-nute amount of ink at the right time. If a certain color of ink had to be deposited on the paper, and a different color right after, the second color could not be routed to the spray nozzle fast enough. If the first ink was allowed to dry in the nozzle, the printer was out of business. Any residual ink left in the nozzle could clog it, so the nozzle had to be kept moist with fresh ink of the same color. The printer cartridges filled the bill perfectly.

Each cartridge contains a supply of an individual ink and there are active electronics in every cartridge that the printer communicates with which control the printing process, telling the cartridge how much ink to release, and when. Since color printing relies on exact alignment and positioning of the solid color dots, this meant beautiful color prints could be easily produced. So each ink needs its own cartridge, or else there would be complete communication breakdown resulting in inferior prints.

The on-line options available to this days shopper ranging from brand name printer cartridges, to off brand cartridges, to refill kits or continuous ink supply systems, provide several ways to hold down your printing cost.

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